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Friday, January 6, 2012

just smile dear..

blind confusing..

is it real ?
is it i'm lost in time..
i'm not over u..?
is there any me in yours..
or it just memories that u doesn't need anymore..
or maybe i just over think about it..
maybe i look so weak in my position now.
but i really can take it.. 
as long as i'm still breathing...
dont worry dear.. maybe someday i'm just your ordinary past in your future...
i knew it..
i have forgive u a long time ago..
but even its easy for to forgive u but its hard for me to forget u..
its harder than you know to not loving u..
i'll try to get strong...
i'll try my best to win my life..
i dont want to let down by my life that sucks..
i miss u all the time dear..
i miss ur hugs..
my lips is just for u until i meet my Creator..
even we can't see each other anymore..
i smell every inch of yours everyday,
i see your smile in my dream..
i see everything about u every single fucking second in my life..
i have lost.. but the losing of me of is the winning of yours..
so smile dear..
i'm still your superman..:) ;0
and u still superman soulheart