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Sunday, September 5, 2010

smile in crash !

whatever it takes,,
whatever it this..
the answer will be yours..

i will move away from here...
happiness will be yours..
far as i go there will be more happiness..

i will crawl away for good..
just another time u will be understand..
its now about time..
its not just about love..
its about friendship..

i know im the source of destruction..
i know i'm the one who make it complicated..
i will never show myself in front of u..

i'm nobody..
i'm nobody..
my soul..
crash into pieces..

i'm pain...
last time i drag u into pain..
last time i'm the one who make u cry..
last time i'm the one who make u down...
i'm sorry..

i'm sorry for doing this.. but i'll never said the things that i never told u..
i'm sorry..
i'm sorry..
i'm doing this for good..
i know my soul no longer in u..
these memories..
all of these photos..
will always be my guide to move on...

i dont want u back..
i dont want u back..
to me ??
because i dont want anybody hurt...
i love my fren.. i love u too..
in the end.. both of u happy...
and i have my life to go through ~
just say hello and love...
let me go..~


Anonymous said...

nice post .